Freetress Braid 101 2X 18 - 28 Inch


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Freetress Braid 101 2X 18 - 28 Inch

MATERIAL: Synthetic
TYPE: Crochet braid
LENGTH: 18 - 28 Inch
HEAT SAFE: Hot water setting

  • Quick and easy, ready to install.
  • Braiding made simple and easy.
  • Pre-cut
  • Pre-featherd
  • Pre-stretched
  • Pre-layered
  • Easy to manage
  • Perfect for blending
  • Soft and easy to brush
  • Hot water set
  • Natural blow out texture
  • No tangling and hair loss
  • Save up to two hours - No prep needed
    Scalping Cleansing

  • Mix shampoo and water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture directly on the scalp between the parts in cornrow base.
  • Massage the entire scalp to release any dirt or product build up. Rinse thoroughly.
    How To Wash The Hair

  • Before washing hair, brush out all tangles starting from the bottom and work up to the top.
  • For curly hair: Do not brush. Finger comb to remove all tangles.
  • Wash the hair with Syn. shampoo in lukewarm water.
  • Apply conditioner: allow the fiber to absorb the conditioner for couple of minutes then rinse thoroughly.
  • Gently squeeze excess water. Do not rub. Pat dry with a clean towel and air dry.
Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Freetress
Features Crochet Braid, Multi Pack, Pre-Loop
Parting No
Style Straight
Special Color & Mix Red / Burgundy Mix
Sale: $2.48
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